> > May be it's possible with SOCK_RAW socket type. Have you read the 
> > article "Hands on TCP/IP programming in Delphi" by Alfred Mirzagitov?
> > It's in the TCPIP sub directory. 
> > http://www.thedelphimagazine.com/disks/dmag101.zip
> It's not the article but some interisting demo code, including a 

Thanks, just pulled the January 2004 issue of the magazine off the 
shelf and shall have a read of it.

The IP packet logger does seem to be exactly what I need.  Had to fix 
one line to allow for an empty packet, but it's now scrolling TCP/IP 
packets onto my screen.  It's really quite surprising how much crap is 
flowing around my network, in particular a Netgear router broadcasting 
UPD packets every second <g>

Only slight worry is I thought Microsoft was trying to stop raw sockets 
being used, but this is still running OK under the latest XP patches.


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