Hello Menno,

To troubleshoot these steps to follow (not nececarly in sequence):

1. ping the host, if reply then route is ok
2. telnet to the host, if connect then TWSocket connect also
3. very importand: What's the winsock error ?

Because this will tell you what exacly is wrong etablishing the
connection. You have winsock error in OnSocketConnected, please log it.

4. route print will tell you about the local routes to the host
5. tracert will tell you how it get's there
6. ...

Rgds, Wilfried

Thursday, July 14, 2005, 13:27, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I'm not very much into networking, so my question might be quite dumb.

> I have made a controller for a datalogging application that uses TCP/IP
> to allow the logged data to be transferred to a connected computer. The
> IP address of this controller is To retrieve the data via
> the local network, I have used the TWSocket component (cbuilder 1), set
> the address to (PC address, port to 10000 
> (which is used to transfer the data) and this appears to work flawless.

> Now we try to get the data into a different network (IP 192.168.0.x) 
> using VPN, but TWSocket can't connect. The VPN connection is working 
> OK, and the controller responds to a PING from this network over the 
> VPN as well, but nothing happens with my TWSocket application. Port 
> 10000 is open on both ends of the network firewalls. Where should I 
> look for to troubleshoot this problem?

> Menno

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