Thanks for the replies so far.

I have sent a "debug" version of my 
software to the guy using it (regretfull I can't access the VPN from 
here ...) and he just returned me the result, which is not very 

When I issue a "CliSocket->Connect()", the state changes from 
8 to 3 and after aprpox. 3 seconds (according to the log-file entries) 
back to 8. The only error that occurs is CliSocketError(), but there's 
no error code that supplies any information at all (CliSocket-
>LastError appears to be 0 as well). CliSocketSessionConnected() is 
never reached.

As for the Telnet experiment: the controller that is on 
the other end of the line only supports TCP/IP; it's not a PC or 
similar, just a simple micro that has a stripped down TCP/IP stack for 
this particular (limited) communication. I have tested it thoroughly 
and it works without a single problem as long as it is used in the LAN.

Could it be that TWSocket is not waiting long enough for a connection 
to be established? I have no clue on how to change that, if it is 
possible in the first place.

Any further suggestions are highly 


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