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> to createsoftware updating utility
> I've run into a rpblem with avilable software updating 
> utilities. I've purchased TWebUpdate and have used that fine 
> for a few months. Then we've run into a client who has a 
> proxy server set up that requires authentication (maybe 
> Basic, maybe NTLM -- we're not sure what's running at 
> different locations the client has). Anyway, TWebUpdate has 
> issues with the test proxy server we set up.

I have to amend my original posting. Further experimentation this
afternoon has shown that TWebUpdate does work with Basic authentication.
I have to provide the userid and password for the proxy server to the
program, and there's a 2 minute delay when the connection starts before
it actually seems to begin working, but I _was_ able to get my software
to automatically update. Just was taking longer than I thought, and I
was stopping my test program too early. I got distracted one time and
left it alone, and came back to an "Update complete" message, and it
actually had updated. Not a bad way to end the day. 

It apparently doesn't work at all with NTLM, though. That was what we
were beating on last week - we switched to Basic today to see how it

I'm still interested in comments/opinions on the status of the proxy
support in ICS - I may want to write my own updater anyway.

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