I've just written two new components for monitoring ethernet packets:

1 - Raw sockets (W2K and later) using ICS, does not any other software 
installed, but may not capture send packets on W2K and XP, only W2K3, 
and ignores non-IP traffic.

2 - Winpcap device driver, needs to be installed (two DLLs and a driver),
but captures all packets including non-IP, from http://www.winpcap.org/.
Note the Delphi Winpcap pcap.pas and packet32.pas were originally 
written by Lars Peter Christiansen, but have several bug fixes and many 
new features. In theory Winpcap will run on Windows 9x, but it's not 
been tested. It has only been tested with WinPcap 3.0 and 3.1 beta 4.

Both components have properties to filter local traffic, and to exclude 
data for better performance. 

There are two test applications:

1 - A simple packet analyser, showing ethernet packets sent and received

2 - A traffic analyser, that totals IP traffic for each different IP 
address, by protocol and service.  

Note you don't need to install WinPcap to runs these applications, they 
will work with raw sockets alone. 

The source and executables are available from:


Any comments appreciated.  

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