> this is my problem:
> in the client side, we make a connection and receive a lot of data
> (without a problem), when all the data is recolected we close the
> connection. Few seconds later, we reconnect and we can send data but we
> donĀ“t recieve anything. The status is correct: wsConnected, but no event
> is fired to OnDataAvailable.

Difficult to debug by email...
It could be a problem at server side, or client side. If you can't debug the 
server, use a sniffer
to see the traffic on network cable to be sure the server send something (and 
the problem is at
client side) or doesn't send anything (and the problem is at server side since 
the connection is

If you have no sniffer, have a look at the links page at my website. There are 
several including
ethereal which is free. See also this list: yesterday, Angus posted a mesage 
about a simple sniffer
he made with ICS.


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