> Is there a "bullet-proof" way to get a remote File Size using the 
> TFTPClient component?
> FEAT Command - numerous extensions have been made to the FTP protocol 
> over
> the past few years, although support of these new commands is very 
> sporadic.
> RFC2389 describes the FEAT command, which returns a multiline list of
> extension supported by the server. Note that the SIZE command is an
> extension, and not supported on all FTP servers. 

The file SIZE command is supported by almost every FTP server, even 
those that do not support the FEAT command.  Just use the SIZE method 
which should return the file size in SIZERESULT.  

The only bullet proof way is use CWD and DIR to get a directory 
listing, and parse it (many different formats) to get the file size.  
These commands are supported by all FTP servers. 

My high level TMagFTP component, available free to those that paid for 
the ICS SSL effort from the SSL download page, does all this 
transparently, using various techniques depending on the server 

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