On 30-Jul-05 01:54:44 Maurizio Lotauro wrote:

>On 28-Jul-05 08:34:58 Francois Piette wrote:

>>> Do you want that the data passed to OnDocData is decompressed?

>>Yes I do.

>Are you really sure? Ok Ok, I'll try to do it :-)


Now I have some points that I would like to discuss.

a) Exception in THttpContentCoding.GetCoding method
This method is called indirectly during the initialization. It seems
that this is not the best moment to raise an exception.
When run from Delphi, if the "Stop on Delphi exception" is not
enabled, the developer see only an "Internal error 217 on ...", not
very meaningful to know what the problem is. For the same reason is
useles to have a spefic exception class.
If run outside Delphi the user see "This application has encounterd
bla bla bla do you want send a report bla bla bla".
I tried to move the check in the THttpContCodHandler.Create. In this
case when run from Delphi the developer will see what specific
exception is raised. Outside Delphi same behaviour same message "This
application ..."
I would prefer the first approach because the error is raised when
the application will run, while the second only when the form or
datamodule that contain the component will created. But the error
message will disoriunt the developer if he has "Stop on Delphi
exception" disabled. Opinions?

b) New properties.
We need at least two new properties. One for disable the automatic
use of content coding and another to enable the use of Quality
specifier. I suggest to use a record type to group all properties
related to the content coding. The property could be "ContentCoding"
with "Enabled" (default false) and "UseQuality" (default false)
If it is not enabled the component will not add the "Accept-Encoding"
in the header. Should it even ignore then "Content-Encoding"?

c) The THttpContCodHandler.Prepare return false if there is an encode
that it is unable to decompress. Actually the HttpCli doesn't check
the result, and in this case the body will be not decompressed at
all. Is it acceptable or should this situation be handled differently?

d) There are two coding atomatically added: "Identity" (quality=0.5)
and "*" (quality=0). Actually they are enabled by default, should
they must disabled?
Is it ok the default value of quality?

That's all for the moment.

Bye, Maurizio.

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