> I've successfully been able to utilize ping to do a traceroute; 
> however, I don't think the ping component will fit my needs. 

Why exactly does an ICMP echo packet with a specified TTL not fit for 
your needs, what are you attempting to prove or do? 

> What I need to be able to do is:
> - Send a TCP SYN packet on a specified port.
> - Alter the IP header of the TCP SYN packet to modify the TTL.

These you can do using ICS raw sockets, provided you are an 
administrator operator and are using Window 2000 or XP prior to SP2, 
Microsoft has now stopped raw sockets being used since spammers use 
them to fake IP addresses.  

> - Receive an ICMP message in return.

This would only happen if the SYN packet failed, it's standard TCP. 
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