Hello Boxer,

Normally you handle that error as a 'try again later' event.

10004 means 'interupted function call'. This error returns if a socket
is closed (or an application is terminated) while a pending winsock
operation was in progress for that socket.

Since you only have it on 1 installation it is probably a problem with
the exchange server, but it could also be other issues like out of
available non paged RAM on the server machine. Ther server will get a
10055 (out of buffer space), and wehn it happens on a pending winsock
operation the peer will get the 10004 error. Other scenario's are also

Rgds, Wilfried

Tuesday, August 9, 2005, 16:28, Boxer wrote:

> Hi

> I've been successfully using TSyncSmtpCli for some time. One installation
> has a problem connecting to an exchange server. On ConnectSync I get a 10004
> error. Does anyone know how I can get round this? The server seems fine - OE
> can use it no bother.

> Cheers, Boxer 

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