i do a passive put of a 3gb file with 200kbit upload.
after aprox. 2 houres tcp connection on port 21 crashes on a router or a 
firewall or a provider.
if i test it in my lan it works.
i gues a router runs in a timeout because there is no trafic on port 21.

i had the same problem with the indy component (witch i replace with ics 
because indy can only trafer files <2gb) and as soon as i add the noop code 
on indy it works perfectly.

thank you for your help roland

On Wed, 10 Aug 2005 14:18:57 +0200, Francois Piette 

>> my ftp connection crashes on long files (after 2 houres or so)
>> so i need to send a noop every minute.
>> how can i do it ?
> First tell me how it crashes. Assuming you are developping a client, is 
> it the server that terminate
> the connection ?
> Which server are you using ?
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