> I'm trying to port the ftp server demo to a system service,
> however when I connect I get this error in the ftp client:
> 451: Failed: connect: WSocketResolvePort: Cannot
> convert port 'ftp-data'. Error #11004
> Unable to complete transfer
> Any idea why it gets that error when running as a system service ?

This error is from winsock when the component try to get the port number 
corresponding to the port
name "ftp-data". You either have your 
<WindowsDir>\System32\Drivers\Etc\Services file missing or
corrupted, or the account on which your service run has no permission to that 
system file and
winsock can't resolve protocol names to protocol port numbers. If this error 
also occur with normal
applications, then you ahve probably been hacked by a virus. Some of them mess 
the tcp/ip settings

A quick hack would be to replace all occurences of 'ftp-data' by '20' in the 
component source code.
Of course it is better to fix your system configuration.


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