>     socket709.connect;
>     socket709.sendstr(#13);

TWSocket is async. When you call connect; then it will execute in
background and your program can do other things. Later when the
connection is etablished OnSessionConnected is fired. If there is no
winsock error (See Error argument), there you can call

Rgds, Wilfried

Saturday, August 13, 2005, 19:14, A Question wrote:

> My problem is so simple I'm embarrassed to ask. No doubt it's  
> completely my fault. I'm struggling with ICS because the software  
> comes with no 'user guide', no short examples, and even finding  
> examples on the internet less than 1000 lines of code is hard.  
> Despite those shortcomings I'm still very impressed with ICS and I  
> want to thank Francois for it.

> Here's my problem: I just want to test if a server on my network is  
> running. So I essentially want to test if the server is responding to
> a specific port, which is 709. So I write the following code: (not  
> sure if this fragment is enough, but it may be)

>     socket709.port:='709';
>     socket709.address:=''; // for now my own IP is enough to
> test with
>     socket709.connect;
>     socket709.sendstr(#13);

> but this always generates an exception from ICS. No matter what I do  
> I can't make it work. I've been testing it using port 80 on known web
> servers and that also fails.

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