> I built a HTTP server using the ISC HTTPSever component and I have a
> question, I need update the browse by the server side without the browse
> send a request to me
> Is it possible?
> If yes how can I do this?

Technically, it is possible except the HTTP protocol has no provison for 
doing that. Usially, it is done using differents ways:
1) The browser request a periodic refresh because he received a HTML 
document containing the line:
   <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="2;URL=mydocument.html">
The number "2" above is the number of seconds the browse wait before 
requesting the given URL.

2) The server reply to some normal request with a never ending document. You 
either omit Conten-Length or use a huge value. Most browser analyse received 
document on the fly and display as it comes in.

3) Use a Java Applet or ActiveX object that establish a secondary connection 
to your server and do whatever they like with that connection.


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