Hello Igor,

> My TCP communication isn't line oriented.

Then how are is the data constructed ? If it has no END character, then
there must be something else like:
- a count byte/word/dword
- fixed size
- a byte with the type of packet
- ...

Rgds, Wilfried

Monday, August 15, 2005, 00:50, Igor Pokorny wrote:

> Hi guys,

> I do have a realtime application communicates to one side by USB and to
> the other acts as http server and/or TCPserver. I am trying to use ICS
> http server and everything seems OK. I use another free component of TCP
> server that has to run in different thread because of not event driven.
>   Synchronizing makes me a lot of problems so I decided to use TCP 
> server from ICS. My TCP communication isn't line oriented. Could I find
> any documentation to Twsocketserver or some example how to handle binary
> and maybe fragmented packets?  I am already late with my project so I 
> would prefer quick, maybe dirty help :-(

> Thanks in advance

> Igor

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