I want to set file attributes on FTP server and use such commands:

FtpClient.HostDirName := '/my_dir/';
ExecuteCmd(FtpClient.Cwd, FtpClient.CwdAsync);

FtpClient.HostFileName := 'test.txt';
FtpClient.LocalFileName := 'chmod 644 test.txt';
ExecuteCmd(FtpClient.Quote, FtpClient.QuoteAsync);

But from FTP server I get:

16.08.2005 10:36:17 - Executing requested command...
> chmod 644 test.txt
< 500 'CHMOD': command not understood.
Request 33 done
Status code = 500.

How I can set file attributes or where is I am wrong?


Best regards,
Artem Antonov.
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