On 15-Aug-05 10:52:10 Francois PIETTE wrote:


>>>b.1) There is already a property "Options" which is a set of properties.
>>>is better to extent this set.
>> First, I mention record but I mean object.
>> Usually I don't use anymore a set for a property mainly for two
>> reasons. The first is that set are limited in the number of members.
>> The second, and more important for me, is that sets doesn't works
>> well with VFI, because you cannot "switch" a member without affecting
>> the others.
>> But last word is yours.

>Sets are limited to 128 members if memory serve me well.

The limit is 256, but it fall to 32 for properties.

>They are nicely handled by the object inspector.
>I don't know what VFI stands for.

Visual Form Inheritance. I can explain in detail why set properties
are a drawback in this case if you want.

Bye, Maurizio.

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