On 16-Aug-05 14:21:00 Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:

>> If you don't understand what we are talking about, please ask some
>> questions to clarify. There are no stupid question, only people afraid
>> to ask.

>I've not taken much notice of this because:

>1 - the authentication change to HttpCli broke one of my applications
>and it cost a lot of money to fix the consequences, so I'm not going
>use any new versions until it's all finished and heavily tested for
>several weeks.

How do you think that all we heavily tested for weeks if nobody,
except the developer(s), made any test?

>2 - handling gzip compressed pages is already trivial to do in
>RequestDone, I've posted code here in the past.

We are not speaking specific on gzip but on handlig encoding in a
generic way.

>3 - there was talk of using an external ZLIB DLL, which becomes a
>maintenance nightmare.

It is correct: *was* talk. The work that I made is to add to the
component a "plug-in interface" to help the adding of decoders.
With this way the developer is free to use the decoder that is coming
with ICS (actually it uses a dll), or another made by itself, or even
If you are using VCLZip library to handle gzip content then it could
be interesting to see if you are able to add it to this "new" version
or if it is missing something indispensable.

The same for all other developers that have added gzip or other

Bye, Maurizio.

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