>  I'm also going to try to add
> ZLIB compression to the FTP client and server, at the same time as
> adding 64-bit stream support and removing support for long obsolete
> compilers.

Don't go too fast to remove existing code because then it will be very 
difficult to merge your
changes and those from others including me. Risks are that you either have to 
reimplement your
changes in the next version or that you take a one way ticket to your own 
version diverging from the
official one.

It is much better you add your changes and let existing code as it is. I 
understand you don't want
to support older compiler. OK, but don't remove existing code. You can surrond 
your changes with
something like {IFDEF COMPILER7_UP}/{$ENDIF} like it is done for NTLM support.

One day, I will take the current release and remove support for anything below 
Delphi 7 and insert
the new stuff that I already developped but not published that allow to use a 
huge number of
concurrent sockets by drastically reducing the number of message queues.


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