> > Don't go too fast to remove existing code because then
> >  it will be very difficult to merge your
> > changes and those from others including me. Risks are
> > that you either have to reimplement your
> > changes in the next version or that you take a one way
> > ticket to your own version diverging from the official one.
> You personally agreed a year ago that the current released version of
> ICS would be last to continue support for long obsoleted compilers.

Yes, and this is what I stated again in my previous message.

> Despite several requests, you have never given a reason why the few
> developers that are prepared to contribute free time to enhance your
> components should be massively handicapped by the necessity to write
> conditional code that continues to allow Delphi 1 to 3 to be used,
> while being unable to use any Delphi language features added since
> Delphi 3.

In my previous message I was trying to tell you don't have to bother making new 
code compatible with
old compiler. I was trying to say to not remove existing code.

> Who are these people that actually need to use new versions of ICS on
> Delphi 1 to 3?  Why can not they stay on old reliable versions?  Do
> they actually want new features?

No need to support new features for old compilers as long as those features are 

Do not break existing features, even for old compilers.

> Unless there are positive answers to these questions, or a major
> consensus from this mailing list that Delphi 1 to 3 support is actually
> important for ICS, I don't believe anyone should be forced to waste
> time writing and testing new conditional code.  I simply don't have
> Delphi 1 to 3 installed, so can not test such conditional code.

Again, do not bother testing your code with old compiler, but add conditional 
compile so that your
code is used only with recent compilers (D5 is enough, even D7) and do not 
break existing code.

Please re-read carefully my previous message, keeping in mind that english is 
not my language and my
words are not always the best to say what I want to say.


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