>> You personally agreed a year ago that the current released version of
>> ICS would be last to continue support for long obsoleted compilers.
> Yes, and this is what I stated again in my previous message.
>> Who are these people that actually need to use new versions of ICS on
>> Delphi 1 to 3?  Why can not they stay on old reliable versions?  Do
>> they actually want new features?
> Do not break existing features, even for old compilers.

So if you don't want to support obsolete compilers, why if it necessary 
to make the code compatible with obsolete compilers?  This is a  

Sorry, but you continue to evade the real question here, why continue 
to support obsolete compiler with new versions of ICS?  

I've just done a little research of 64-bit streams, and it seems Delphi 
6 was the first to support these, and I'm aware many people still use 
Delphi 5 so I will make that particular feature conditional.  


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