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> You have to change TFtpProgress data type to use an int64. Don't forget to 
> rebuild the package and
> reinstall it so that delphi use the correct version.
> btw: How have you changed to int64 ?
> You should have replaced all integer or LongInt by a new custom type which 
> is conditionnaly defined.
> Similar to this:
>    {$DEFINE Use64BitFiles}
> {$ENDIF}
> {$IFDEF Use64BitFiles}
>    FtpInteger = int64;
> {$ELSE}
>    FtpInteger = integer;
> {$ENDIF}
> and later in the code use FtpInteger where 64 bit is desirable.
> Doing so make the code compatible with older compiler version.
> You can easily to a search and replace of your int64 by FtpInteger.

If there are any StrToInt make sure they are change to StrToInt64 too.


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