> > The question is whether current users that need new features should
> > suffer to keep those one or two users on obsolete compilers happy.
> You are wrong. Current user doesn't suffer because of old compiler 
> support. Never.

Sorry, I disagree.  Whenever I make improvements to ICS source, it 
takes much longer than necessary due to complexity of the conditional 
statements and trying to forget to use statements that don't exist in 
obsolete versions of Delphi, and tying to provide workarounds in order 
to maintain this compatibility.  

My extended MIME decode was a good example, I used dynamic arrays 
because they are very versatile and don't need any clean-up (Delphi 4 
and later), but you declined to add it to ICS unless I wasted my time 
rewriting the code using TLists instead.  I'm afraid I decided it was 
not worth more of my time to meet your backward compatibility 
requirements.  There have been other similar requirements from you. 

So I suffer.  As do others attempting to maintain the source. 

> And ICS is no business.

Many developers depend upon ICS for their business. 

Many more ignore ICS because they see it as a hobbists toy, with no 
proper documentation or current help, and buy commercial products 
instead.  Very sad. 

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