Hello Angus,

>> This is a useless discussion.
> Only because you don't agree with your customers, and free helpers.
> For your convenience, you want to inconvience others.

In fact it is useless, but please keep on reading! Part is that pro and
not pro developpers are discussed but not circumstances. For example if
I have to maintain an application written in Delphi 1..4 then customar
will pay for D7 upgrade. But I'm speaking on a "normal" customar.

Some time back I hade a very very large project for the gouverment. I
think it is 2..3 year back. And it has to work on windows 3.11.... It
was for me have it or trow a very lot of money away, and I'm not
speaking of commercial references for that project. Large projects for
gouverment done feels good for representatives ! So I re-installed
Delphi 1 for it :)

About Delphi upgrades, I know a lots of amateurs programming for hobby
that does lots faster Delphi upgrades than me (BTW: I'm really pro :)
because they have more time than me for these things.

About the components. I think older compilers may be dropped, at certain
moment, only people have to be warned that they dont do a fresh upgrade
into their older compilers if they need it.

Rgds, Wilfried

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