Sorry about my intervention but I just would like to tell this :

-  It  is  true  that  "hobbyist" developpers like to get latest
Delphi version (pirated or free personnal version).

- It is true that professional developpers don't have time or resource
to spend in upgrading to upper versions of Delphi, learn new features,
check  compatibility,  loose  time  with new bugs or not-same reacting

-  It  is  true that it when you have a running D2/3/4 application you
may  not  want go to delphi 5/6/7/2005 and spend a lot of time to make
it  work  "as  it  should"  on  this new version. You will just do the
updates/bugfixes  using same "old" Delphi version (sometimes isntalled
on dedicated machine or on VirtualPC or VMWare virtual machine).

-  It is true that making ICS fully D2 to D2005 compatible is really a
LOT  of  work  (again  thank  you  Fran├žois  for making ICS) and under
certain  circumstances  it  would make new feature not as optimized as
they could be because of D2-D4 limitations.

But :

Why  not  do  like  Apache,  PHP  or MySQL ? maintain a bugfixed "full
D2-D2005  compatible  version",  and  create a separate one that would
work  starting  with D5 (or D6) with all new features and newer Delphi
code/features optimizations ?

For developpers having D2-D4 applications to maintain, this should not
be a problem as they usually just have to do bugfixes and not add tons
of  features  on  application  that  may not bring them money anymore.
Thoses  old applications may not need the new "ICS D5+" functions. And
if  they  really  need  them,  then  they  will  have  to  adapt  code

Personnaly I stay D6 because D7/D2005 don't bring enought improvements
(If  I  new,  I  would  have stay with D5), is too much upgrade priced
(whenever  I  can make customers pay for it), and worst, borland don't
even  fix  existing  versions correctly so why pay for even bigger and
more buggy Delphi version.

This  is  just  a personnal feeling I wanted to share with you all, of
course  Fran├žois  will decide and I will not even permit myself to say
anything against future of ICS.

Appart  from that, I am old school programmer (started on ZX81 1KB ram
when a byte was a byte and a CPU cycle was important) and I am not for
the   "if   my   ugly-badly-unoptimized   awfully   fast-for-win-money
developped   application  is  to  slow  and  too  big  then  buy  more
CPU/RAM/HD..."  but  I  have to say that at a certain time, continuing
supporting too old tehnologies may reduce newest ones.


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