Hello John,

If you connect to a server, then the server accept the connection into a
local port which is different from the listening port. This is how
winsock works, because the Listening port stay listening.

this cannot be different because if the same port should be used for
data transfer then it cannot listen anymore because ip+port has to be

The listening port on the server is the port where the client connects
to, the local port on the server is the port where the connection is on
once it is accepted.

Rgds, Wilfried

Monday, August 22, 2005, 14:23, Dr John M Porteous wrote:

> I am using GetPeerName on an outgoing TXSocket to get/confirm the server
> details in the OnSessionConnected event.  I am specifically connecting to a
> fixed address and a fixed port.  The Address is returned correctly, however
> the port number (PeerName.sin_port) is never correct.

> If I open a DOS window and use NETSTAT I see the expected port (i.e. the one
> I asked to connect to)

> Is this a known issue?

> Regards

> Dr John M Porteous

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