> 1) In the Delphi 2005 version GetScreenText appears to have been dropped? We
> have some projects that started with an earlier version which used it.  Its
> easy enough to cut/paste in from a previous version, but it there a reason
> it was dropped?

Only an error.
But I'm not sure I understand. Are you talking about Delphi2005.Win32 ? If yes, 
then it is the same
version as Delphi7 and all others. As far as I remember.

> 2) Is it possible to change the default screen colours (sorry colors).
> There appear to be several places you can change both the font and brush
> color - but if you do this in the form show event you still revert to white
> characters on black;

Long time I haven't looked at TEmulVT source code. There is probably a constant 
somewhere with this
value. I don't think there is a published property.

> 3) Is there a re-sizeable font option we haven't found yet? Or do we have to
> manually change the font size as the overall screen image changes?

Look at the options form source code and see how it handle font selection. You 
have to use the
resize event to change dynamically the font.

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