> About recent discussion of HttpCli changes, I made a reply (on topic) 
> to three people: Angus, Guillaume and Francois.
> I received my posts and see they in the archive of elists, but I never 
> get a reply and none are present in the archive.
> Is it a problem of the ML or all want drop the discussion?

I see a reply from you to one of my messages on 18th August to which I 
did not reply.  That was partly because it was a long message that 
required checking old messages and zip files, because I've not yet had 
time to test the ZLIB stuff, because when I did install ZLIB VCLZIP 
died breaking two of my applications, and because that day a program 
bug of mine resulted in rather a lot of CCTV footage being deleted 
accidentally, it was a bad day.  Since then I've struggled to get a 
stable ICS installation, and playing with new stuff is out of the 

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