On 24-Aug-05 22:13:53 Gunnar wrote:

>> The problem is that a set is practically a single value.

>That's not a problem!

Yes it is when you use the VFI.

>> Take for example the
>> TFont.Style property. If you set the bold in an inherited form then in the
>> dfm  you will see Font.Style = [fsBold]. Now if in the base form you want
>> that the  font has the italic style then the inherited will not "see" the
>> change because  the Style property is assigned.

>Only if the style property was assigned in a wrong way. In an inherited class
>you always should do (for example)

>style := style + [fsBold];

You missed the point. I'm speacking of Visual Form Inheritance, it
is slightly different from the usual Object Inhertance.

>or better

>Include(style, fsBold);

IIRC you cannot use Include and Exclude with properties.

Bye, Maurizio.

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