> Piotr "Hellrayzer" Dalek (Author of ICS-Based Hellcore Mailer - an Outlook
> Express killer) made soem interesting changes to the mimedecode component.
> It is work a beta test. So I made it available from the ICS download page 
> at
> my website.

Forgot to tell about the changes !

1. Split Match into Match and MatchNoCase - some Delphi versions (D3 and
   lower for sure) do not compile otherwise (default parameter values not
   known to these compilers) - by the way, the function is a bit faster
   (in Match with bCase=false component compared every two chars twice).

2. Two flaws (my fault) in ProcessMessageLine fixed. Seems like I need to
   visit my oculist - my comment was disabling two important lines of code.

3. Removed old yEnc decoder and put there my own - AS probably won't like
   this idea... ;)

4. Added faster UUE decoder

5. Added XXE detector and decoder

6. Added BtoA decoder

7. Fixed Base64 decoder, so it doesn't fails to decode semi-malformed code
   like the attached one (builtwith.txt):

8. Added support for RFC-2231-encoded header fields (especially attachment

9. Added "Break decoding" feature (runtime property BreakDecoding - when set
   to true, for ex. in InlineHeaderEnd event handler, component breaks
   decoding loop right away).

10. Added "Allow inline decoders feature (Runtime/Designtime property
    AllowDecoders - when set to false, UU/XX/yEnc/BtoA decoders are


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