Hi All,

As discussed several months ago, I have a huge requirement for ICS to work
on the Linux platform in the same way it does on the Windows platform.
Currently this is not the case, and whilst I have managed to get my server
applications to work under Linux using TIcsCustomSocket, it continually
locks up (threading).  In speaking to Ari Sundholm about this, he mentioned
that the design of the TICSSocket components is a bit awkward and that this
sort of thing was bound to happen.  I fully concur with what he has said,
and feel that a total rewrite of the component set under Linux is required.
I don't think that many on this mailing list are using TICSSocket, or we
probably would have seen this issue raise it's head in a bigger way.  I
however have a product that is contracted to work under Windows and under
Linux and I must move forward on this now.  I cannot delay any further
waiting for this to be addressed.

Therefore, I would like to re-develop the core component (TWSocket) set
under the Linux platform using Kylix 3.  The intention is to build a version
of the core components that is fully compatibly (from an interface
perspective anyway) with TWSocket and then to donate it back to this forum.
Francois, I would want your blessing to do this, and after that has been
given, will invite all of those who are interested and who can commit time
on a weekly basis to this project to volunteer to join this project.  If a
team is not assembled, then I will proceed with this project on my own as I
am now getting into serious time constraints.


Erich Kuba

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