> Send me one (or all) of these messages (or better post them somewhere 
> and give me the url) and I'll check it out. 

Not a single MIME message in my mailbox decoded the last attachment 
correctly, I don't suppose the issue is very hard to reproduce.  I'll 
relay the two examples I posted before so you see the same headers I saw.

> Note that TMimeDec for a long time was broken and proper 
> (RFC-compliant) part decoding required some coding -
> maybe that's the case. 

I've not added any extra code, I was using my TMimeDecEx component from 
the usermade page and reporting all the parts found by events, nothing 
complex atall.  If every other mailer is producing non-compliant MIME 
that co-incidenally the old MimeDec handling OK, that's what we need to 
stick with, not changes to lose the message content. 

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