> there is the release candidate of the content coding changes.

The file is available from the ICS web page.
See below for details.

Thanks Maurizio !

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From: "Maurizio Lotauro" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 2:16 AM
Subject: Release candidate for HttpCli

> Hello Francois,
> there is the release candidate of the content coding changes.
> The HttpProt.pas include the small fix that you send some days ago in
> the ML (FPort => FTargetPort).
> There are some note that I think should be added in the history
> when/if you decide to release the changes.
> - the changes are enabled only for Delphi 5 and up
> - new values for Options:
>  - httpoEnableContentCoding: self explanatory
>  - httpoUseQuality: if true the quality will be specified in the
>    Accept-Encoding header
> - new property: ContentEncoding. Contains the value of
>  Content-Encoding header field.
> - new property: ContentCodingHnd. Is the object that handle the whole
>  content coding.
> - new internal variable: FRcvdStreamStartSize. This contain the size
>  of the RcvdStream before any data will be added.
> - RcvdCount contains the bytes received. If the body will be decoded
>  then the RcvdStream will most probably will filled with a different
>  number of bytes
> - ContentLength contains the value specified in the header, and it
>  could be different of the final length of the body after the decoding
> - if the body is encoded and there is a class able to handle it, then
>  the TriggerDocData will receive the decoded data. Note that if the
>  decoder is not able to do its work on the fly then it will called
>  only one time at the end.
> What do you think about adding a OnProgress event? It will solve the
> problem when the decoder do the work only at the end, eventually with
> a paremeter that tell if it is called for send or receive.
> I suggest to put the zip in you web site as before and write a
> message in the ML with a deadline.
> After that you will release a new version or beta of ICS.
> In the header of HttpContCod.pas I write some notes.
> Note that we have in suspend the fix for the authentication and you
> should take a decision about it.
> The HttpProt that I'm sending you doesn't contain that fix.
> Bye, Maurizio.
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