> And what was the cause? In TMimeDecEx you set destination stream *after
> the part was decoded*. You lose your data, because you *don't save it*:

> Hope this helps... :)

Not really, you say there's bug in TMimeDecEx, but you don't say what 
you changed to get your 'result'.  

The stream is never 'saved', except by TMineDec, it's assigned to 
DestStream in the PartBegin event, and is found to be empty in the 
PartEnd event.  It's not 'set after the part is decoded, but before. 
Where do you think it should be 'saved'?

TMimeDecEx has worked with TMimeDec for several years, if it now fails 
that means your changes are not backward compatible and will cause any 
application using MIME to fail unless changed in some unspecified way.  
If changes are need, they MUST be a prominent warning at the top of the 
source file. 

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