Hello Arno,

I could but...don't remember where is my stop-time watch I just bought
around the corner to make it pause life-time for next 10 years :-)

AG> Dod wrote:
>> Also  remember  that  if you use xDSL connection your upload bandwidth
>> much smaller than download one.

AG> Yes I know, I was just wondering whether file caching can make such a big
AG> difference.

AG> BTW: I already suggested last year to write/implement a tiny buffered stream
AG> class, that would boost performance in most high level ICS components.  
AG> I'm actually busy with another ICS work, if somebody has some time and wants
AG> to enter the Hall Of Fame...;-)

>>>> Is GET faster than PUT?
>>>> In my tests GET performs seven times faster than PUT.
>> FP> Considering the transport, there is no reason to have a speed
>> difference. 
>>>> Server caches files, is that the reason?
>> FP> That helps have high performance.
>> FP> --
>> FP> http://www.overbyte.be

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