> I think there's a maximum line length specified in the RFC for SMTP 
> transactions, but like any other header, you can add a line break and 
> indent the next line to extend the header.  So I guess there isn't a 
> specific limit for this header.

For references (and large discussions) it's better to limit it to 1024
bytes, and when it grows over, remove second, third, itd. message id from
references list so it's length gets below 1024-3, and insert three spaces
in place where deleted message ids were. DO NOT REMOVE FIRST MESSAGE-ID.

> Also, apart from the In-Reply-To and References headers, consider 
> threading on "Re: original_subject" at the same time -- although all 
> these methods together might be complex to program.
This way you could at least group replies for messages not stored, or
without references/in-reply-to fields. Just first thread the messages 
by references/in-reply-to, then group not threaded messages.

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