> I wonder when it is safe to define NO_ADV_MT.
> Must I not define NO_ADV_MT at all when I use threads?
> What if I use a socketserver in one thread and another socketserver in
> another thread  and there is no interaction between the threads? The client
> connections always stays within the threads.
> Or, what if I use a httpcli in one thread, and a another httpcli in another
> thread, and there is no interaction between the threads?

it is safe to define NO_ADV_MT when a TWSocket instance is use from a single 
thread only. Every call
to method, every property use, every event handler must be run within the 
context of the same thread
(either the creation thread or any other thread after calling ThreadAttach). No 
problem to have an
instance in one thread and another instance in another thread.

IMO it is better design to have all access to a given component from only one 
thread. And in that
case, you can define NO_ADV_MT to have better performances because you avoid 
using a critical

The usual case where no must not define NO_ADV_MT is when you have a TWSocket 
created (or attached)
in a thread context and having call to Send and Receive from other threads.

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