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>> > IMO it is better design to have all access to a given
>> > component from only one thread. And in that case, you can
>> > define NO_ADV_MT to have better performances because you
>> > avoid using a critical section.
>> Thank you, this answers my questions.
>> I use 2 servers and some clients in same exe, but seperate threads. 
>> Atually
>> all is controlled from main, but only by posting messages, so no threads 
>> or
>> components in them is touched from outside the thread. And no
>> sockets/components is switched from one thread to another.
>> I will then define the NO_ADV_MT and I will get improved performance?
> You should. Improvement will be significant if you have a slow processor 
> and a fast network. It will
> be neglectible if you have a fast processor and slow network.

negligible :) 

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