Hi Ari,

I need this too all be working within 2 months or so.  I am going to start
with some research into the messaging side first, and then will start with
the design.  I envisage using some of the code --- like the low level stuff,
but to reconstruct the object set.  I have no intention of making the
components compatible with TICSSocket.  I will name the components TLSocket
(unless Fran├žois has a problem with that) and try and make them as closely
related to TWSocket as possible.  I will not use threads unless I really
have to cause I think that they cause mayhem in this sort of application.
Your assistance will be invaluable albeit on a consulting level



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Hello Eric, hello everyone!

> locks up (threading).  In speaking to Ari Sundholm about this, he
> that the design of the TICSSocket components is a bit awkward and that
> sort of thing was bound to happen.  I fully concur with what he has said,
> and feel that a total rewrite of the component set under Linux is
> I don't think that many on this mailing list are using TICSSocket, or we
> probably would have seen this issue raise it's head in a bigger way.  I
> however have a product that is contracted to work under Windows and under
> Linux and I must move forward on this now.  I cannot delay any further
> waiting for this to be addressed.

IIRC the reason for the awkwardness was the assumption that async
sockets don't exist in Linux (which is simply untrue AFAIK - or am I on
crack?) and/or the lack of a messaging system such as in Windows.
Therefore an elaborate threaded message passing system was built - with
a huge number of subtle as well as obvious bugs (which haven't been
debugged and fixed due to my laziness during my scarce free time). I
think a completely new approach has to be taken, but I will have to do
some reading and thinking to be of any substantial help regarding
design. Unfortunately, I have quite serious time problems at the moment
due to moving to Japan at the end of September.

> Therefore, I would like to re-develop the core component (TWSocket) set
> under the Linux platform using Kylix 3.  The intention is to build a
> of the core components that is fully compatibly (from an interface
> perspective anyway) with TWSocket and then to donate it back to this
> Francois, I would want your blessing to do this, and after that has been
> given, will invite all of those who are interested and who can commit time
> on a weekly basis to this project to volunteer to join this project.  If a
> team is not assembled, then I will proceed with this project on my own as
> am now getting into serious time constraints.

I will try to be available as much as possible in case you need help. I
think I'll be able to squeeze a few hours per week, depending on my
other responsibilities.

What are your time constraints? Are we speaking of weeks or months?

> Regards
> Erich Kuba

Best regards,

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