Hi could any one tell me how can i change time mode in Windows OS from 24mode 
to 12 and from 12 to 24 mode?--- On Mon 09/05, Ask < [EMAIL PROTECTED] > 
wrote:From: Ask [mailto: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 
16:46:35 -0400Subject: Re: [twsocket] RCVFILE maximum file sizeI wish to add 
that I had partial success in that I merged the code inSENDFILE with 64-bit 
file file-I/O code from the internet to make theSENDFILE program work with 
files of any size (even files > 2GB). Yahoo. I'mwilling to donate this code 
(to Francois Piette?) hoping that it helps gainme some credit here in terms of 
help from the community with using ICS(although I've had no trouble so far).The 
second challenge is fixing RCVFILE to work with files > 2GB. Untilthat's 
done, there's little value to what I accomplished. I probably canachieve this 
myself in a couple of days. Someone like Francois couldprobably do it in a 
couple of hours or less :-) 
especially after seeing howI fixed SENDFILE.-----Original Message-----From: Ask 
[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 11:44 AMTo: 
'twsocket@elists.org'Subject: RCVFILE maximum file sizeThe sample program 
RCVFILE.DPR crashes when the file being sent bySENDFILE.DPR is big. It works 
with 2MB files but not 2GB files. -- To unsubscribe or change your settings for 
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