I've finished updating the ICS FTP client and server components to 
support 64-bit streams and thus single files larger than 2 gigs, when 
used with Delphi 6 and later.  

The updated components may be downloaded from:


until they become available from the ICS site.  

Large files can only be used in the client with TFileStream, since 
THandleStream and TMemoryStream don't support sizes larger than 2 gigs, 
and even that would probably cripple windows.  LocalFileName mode 
must be used if resume is needed above the 2 gig boundary, and this 
proved a pain during testing because the integer overloaded Seek seemed 
to be linked rather than int64 version, so I had to code my own Seek64 
function.  The client also includes a fix for FTP uploads of about 9K 
or 10K sometimes being truncated. 

The ICS 64-bit client has been tested against the ICS 64-bit server, 
and against Windows 2000 IIS/5, with a 4.7 gig DVD image.  Resumed 
downloading was tested with Magenta Systems File Transfer Components 
v1.4 (which should be available shortly on the ICS SSL site), download 
resume above 2 gigs works against both FTP server, but FTP upload 
resume only against the ICS server since IIS/5 seemed to delete the 
partially upload file when stopped or the network cable pulled.

Both components are fully backward compatible, the only change with the 
client is a new 64-bit progress event.  FtpSrvT.pas has a number of new 
64-bit support functions that applications may need, like GetFileSize64 
and atoi64. 


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