>> > And what was the cause? In TMimeDecEx you set destination stream 
>> > after the part was decoded. You lose your data, because you don't 
>> > save it:
>> > Hope this helps... :)
>> Not really, you say there's bug in TMimeDecEx, but you don't say what 
>> you changed to get your 'result'.  

> No response to my comments.  This means either:

> 1 - the TMimeDec beta is buggy and should not be released.

> 2 - the TMimeDec beta is not backward compatible with existing 
> applications, and should not be released. 

You work for Microsoft, or what? "The old and nasty bug is found and fixed,
but we shouldn't release any patches for it, because our product won't be
backward compatible and customers would stop writing to us noting the

You didn't understood my previous message - I wrote how TMimeDec
worked and how it works now - yes, it's not backward compatible - it cannot
be backward compatible - but since current TMimeDec version is better (read:
easier to use) - moving our asses and fixing ours code so IT WON'T RELY ON
BUG ANYMORE should not be that hard. Remember that I've had to do the same
with HCM - if you didn't relied on that bug too many times, it shouldn't be
big pain anyway (in my case it just took 5 minutes to fix, by the way I've
removed some tricky code that fixed that bug on higher level). And you
wasted almost a week waiting for piece of information that you could find
out on your own. You just had to sit down for 15 minutes, read completely my
message, re-read your sources, and make it disable part saving/DestStream
setting in OnPartEnd since it is called ON PART END, not ON ANY BOUNDARY
DETECTION (like it was until new TMimeDec beta), so when you're past first
plain text part, you're past first plain text part, not earlier.
And since you're too lazy to do a such simple thing, I decided to not
respond. I can be lazy too.

> If I've made a simple error in TMimeDecEx, please tell me what it is, 

I've pointed it out already. Twice.

> and why it's able to correctly decode all content parts except the 
> last, which is always empty, using the same events, yet works fine with 
> the old TMineDec. 

Everything is in my previous message (message-id:
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>). Please read it
carefully. In case of problems, refer to TMimeDec (beta) sources or RFC

Piotr "Hellrayzer" Dalek

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