Hello Shekar,

- The CPU time is that a normal load, or is this only after the server
  has stopped listening ?
- Interesting info also is the amount / used non paged memory
- and amount / used pool
- do you have code in server's OnBGException ?

Rgds, Wilfried

Friday, September 9, 2005, 06:36, A.Shekar   wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a program with WSocketServer. This Server just stops
> listening for new connections. I do a Server.Close and Server.Listen
> and then new connections start coming in. What could be the reason?
> Some info which might be useful to understand the situation.

> 1. 300 to 800 may be connected when the problem happens.
> 2. Each connection gets 2000 - 4000 bytes per second from the
> server. The server may receive 100 bytes from the client once in
> while. The application runs for about 6 hours. 
> 3. 10-20 new connections may be requested simultaneously sometimes.
> 4. The CPU usage is 40-60%. 
> (Some time back the CPU usage used to reach 100%. At that time i
> faced the same problem. I optimised the code and usage came below 10%
> and the problem vanished)
> 5. The software runs on W2K Server. WSocketServer.ConnectionBacklog is 200 .
> 6. WSocket V5.16, Single threaded application

> regards
> Shekar

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