As far as I can see, no-one else in this mailing has attempted to test 
the new TMimeDec component, just me.  I've found it does not work as 
well as the previous component, ignoring complete parts of the email. 

The internals of the component are irrelavant to me and most users, we 
really don't care about how clever you are in interpreting RFCs, nor do 
we want to debug your source code to understand how you have changed 
the component in order to prevent it working properly in existing 
applications.  We just want to decode MIME emails. 

If it's not backward compatible with existing applications, it's your 
responsibility to document how applications must be changed, at top of 
the TMimeDec component source, not in one of your tedious postings in 
this mailing list.  

If the beta TMimeDec is released in it's present state, anyone 
rebuilding an application is likely to find their application useless, 
as I have.  So it should not be released until these problems are 

Of course I may be wrong, I make errors.  So perhaps everyone else that 
has tested the beta TMimeDec component can now post their results?
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