Hello Igor,

 >> obtain an error 10035 from time to time during a communication.

In witch event do you have this error ? It should normally never occur
because it it handled by TWSocket.

 >> meaning the communication is slow... about 1000 byte per a second

A PII-300 machine can easely saturation a 10 mbps network with TWSocket,
So if you dont get this performance something else is wrong. How do you
do your test ?

If you dont get higher than 1000 bytes / second then eather your server
or your client is doing 100% CPU on his machine. Whitch one ? Because
that's the one to investigate.

Rgds, Wilfried

Hello Wilfried,

I do know my machine (server) is below 6 per cent using CPU running this 
task only. I will check the client machine on Monday. The client asks 
for data sending 24 byte long record. The error gets mostly when I 
obtain three or more asking in one frame. The producer of the client 
application told me every asking wait for an answer before to send 
another. He uses more threads I guess.
Never the less I am curious only because as Francois noticed, there 
isn't any problem with a communication. When I didn't write a procedure 
  for OnError, I could have slept better :-)


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