Pete Williams wrote:
>>First, what kind of SMTP Server is receiving the e-mails on the
> other end?
> Exchange 2000 server.

Well, that says something:  OE (from MS, maker of Exchange) is being 
accepted, but not your custom client.  There might be some special 
header that it is looking for that is not reproduced on your ICS client.

>>Second, are you positive that your ICS application is  sending a QUIT
> command at the end of the transaction?
> I believe so. The function QuitSync is called, and the return code
> tested.

Then that's not it.

>>And third, the server might be rejecting messages from your
>>ICS client because it does not recognize the MUA as a "valid" one,
>>while it recognizes OE as a legitimate mailer.
> That's an interesting one. What is MUA and how do I set it? Sorry for
> what is probably a dumb question.

MUA is Mail User Agent (mail client), your ICS client.  It is usually 
specified in a header line such as "X-Mailer:".  I suggest first to 
compare the headers of the outgoing OE messages to the ones of your ICS 
client and see if you can mimic Outlook Express by reproducing the same 
types of headers.

Another thing to consider is the source IP: the Exchange server might be 
rejecting messages from your client's IP address.


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