Can you suggest such a sniffer?  

By the way, the data file I am downloading is probably created by the website 
based on the input of the form 
that gets filled out.  (I usually leave the defaults, but they include the 
current date).  So unfortunately, I will 
probably have to deal with the cookies and post something to start the download.


On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 18:18:39 +0200, Francois PIETTE wrote:

>> This may not be easily done, but I have a website that requires me to 
>> navigate down a few levels, and click a
>> button to request a file.  Then a small window pops up that tells me my 
>> download will start in a moment.  This
>> small window refreshes a couple of times before finally starting a 
>> download.
>> Now, could this all be autom_maillistated with HttpCli?  I'd like to be able 
>> to get 
>> this data and run some reporting on it.
>Yes, you can.
>It is even probably possible to get the target file directly. Depends on how 
>the website is done. Your are required to pass thru the previous pages only 
>to grab cookies, if any.
>You have to analyse the pages you receive to see axactly which request(s) to 
>send. You may also use a sniffer to capture a complete browser session and 
>see exactly which requets are sent, which relocation occurs, which cookies 
>are exchanged.
>Once you have all the requests, and their parameters, you can do exactly the 
>same with the HTTP component.
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