Problem resolved by adding "-b" (build all)

===8<==============Original message text===============

My project builds fine in D2005 IDE. When I try to build it
from command line with dcc32.exe, I got the following errors:

D:\Borland\VCLs\ICS\Delphi\Vc32\HttpProt.pas(1011) Error: E2003 Undeclared ident
ifier: 'AllocateHWnd'
D:\Borland\VCLs\ICS\Delphi\Vc32\HttpProt.pas(1011) Error: E2035 Not enough actua
l parameters
D:\Borland\VCLs\ICS\Delphi\Vc32\HttpProt.pas(1022) Error: E2003 Undeclared ident
ifier: 'DeallocateHWnd'
uPcc.pas(5) Fatal: F2063 Could not compile used unit 'httpprot.pas'

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