> >I have worked around this issue by clearing RcvdStream when the
> >LocationChange event is called using:
> >if (HttpCli->RcvdStream) {
> > HttpCli->RcvdStream->Seek(0,soFromBeginning);
> >}
> >By the way, I hope the above is sufficient to clear the stream but I'm
> >sure that it is. If it isn't can anyone state the correct way to
> >a steam? I can't find it in the documentation.
> In that case the "best" way is calling the CleanupRcvdStream method.

It's not accessible so I'm just going to use something like

> At the moment I'm busy to solve a problem with the SSL version.
> I keep this message in evidence and I'll look into this problem asap.

Thanks. Good luck. :-)


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