> I like to use ics ftp to transfer the contents direct to a table and not save 
> it first to disk
> Could this be possible?
> Now I'm saving to contents to a file on disk, then read the file and save the 
> contents to the
table, wich is time comsuming.
> Now:
> 1.open the ftp
> 2. read one or more files from ftp
> 3. save one or more files to disk
> 4. read file from disk and save to table
> 5. then close ftp
> I like to
> 1.open the ftp
> 2. read file from ftp and save to table
> 3. then close ftp
> If not possible with ftp, can this be done with socket to access an ftp server
> Would be great for an example

Not sure I understand the problem. Do you mean you want to save a big file 
located on a FTP to a
table locate in a database accessible from a client PC ? Do you mean you want 
to avoid saving the
file to a local file first and save to the table "on the fly".

On solution is to design a TSream derived class that when you write data to it, 
data is written to
your table. FTP component will then be able to use it with his LocalStream 

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